Delivering Balance

America’s Beverage Companies - Coca-Cola, Dr Pepper and Pepsi – are coming together to provide choice, information, support and motivation to help consumers choose the beverage that’s right for them and their families.

Working with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, we set a bold new goal to reduce beverage calories consumer per person nationally by an additional 20% by 2025.

This Balance Calories Initiative is our voluntary, long-term commitment to creating a healthier nation by changing how Americans buy and consumer our products.

We are increasing access to beverages with less sugar, and small proportions – in stores and restaurants – down the street and across the country.

To make finding that balance a little easier, Coca-Cola, Dr Pepper and Pepsi are placing reminds to consumers to “Balance what you eat, drink and do” and “Calories count. Check then choose.” on coolers and vending machines across the country.

We’re Continuing to Lead to Help Address Obesity

Balance Calories builds upon our voluntary School Beverage Guidelines, which led to a 90% reduction in beverage calories shipped to schools, our Clear on Calories front-of-pack calorie labeling program, our Calories Count™ beverage vending program and ongoing Innovation to provide more choices, smaller portions and fewer calories.

We are doing the hard work to encourage real and sustainable change in communities in Wisconsin and across the country.

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Making a Difference in Our Local Communities

WBA Community Partnerships

Wisconsin Beverage Association

Beverage companies want healthier communities throughout Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin Beverage Association (WBA) is working to promote the Balance Calories message of “balance what you eat, drink, and do.”

With several outreach efforts in the health and wellness space, the WBA also continues to make an impact on local communities, notably in Milwaukee, Madison and Green Bay.

The WBA partnered with the Discover Wisconsin to tell the story of beverage industry initiatives Growing Your Future Program in Milwaukee and GB Parks Rx.

Growing Your Future

The Wisconsin Beverage Association partnered with the United Neighborhood Centers of Milwaukee and the Medical College of Wisconsin to create a summer youth program, Growing Your Future. The program was designed to help participating youth learn the value of nutrition and physical activity, as well as to develop business skills that they could then take away and apply in their own lives.

Green Bay Parks Rx

GB Parks Rx is a collaborative effort between the Wisconsin Beverage Association, Prevea Health, The City of Green Bay Parks, Recreation & Forestry Department and Live54218 that seeks to create healthier people and more balanced lifestyles through increased connections to parks and recreation. The video also tells the story of Green Bay's Fit in the Parks initiative.